The play takes place in the last moments of the life of Quaker Mary Dyer, executed by the Puritan Church/State Government in early New England. The play is honest, painfully graphic and uncompromising in its storytelling. Reviews are uniformly raves and audiences love it.

“Mary’s Joy” is a stunning piece of work, brilliantly performed. The audience I saw it with was on their feet cheering at the finish. British Friends & others will be privileged to be able to see and be moved by it. – Chuck Fager, Author/Activist

“Mary’s Joy” leaves us hurting in a personal way for Mary and her estranged husband William and their children, but beneath the emotional foundation it’s a study of free thought and freedom to worship vs. servitude and perpetual obedience. Religious bias leaves a stain, often bloody, and through Mary’s eyes Simpson leaves little doubt of the consequences. – Kevin S. Giles, Author, Journalist


In 2015, Mary’s Joy tours to Toronto, the UK, Europe and the American Pacific Northwest


SCHEDULE (more details to come)

Toronto January 15-February 11

United Kingdom February 15 – August 31 (with exceptions, below)

Paris, France March 15-31

Helsinki, Finland April 1-7

Germany April 8-15

Washington/Oregon US September 1-October 30



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