He’s the tallest one (maybe this is the last year that he was taller than his brother), with the dignified look on his face. In case you still can’t spot him, he’s wearing a straw gardening hat, a Daniel Boone cap and a pteranodon t-shirt.

That’s Emily au vista with her hair in a bun and Paul – perhaps he’s trying to disappear…?


My oldest child – born in 1979 when I was just a baby myself. He is now 10 years older than I was when he was born! He is a fabulous handyman in Los Angeles. He rules. Look at him. Have you ever seen such a beautiful child? Look at his son’s page. Casey Joel looks so much like Dom, just more blonde.

jms, emily, paul, dominic

Here they are again, a little bigger. That’s me on the left, on my 44th birthday. Dom was the most beautiful baby in the world, but Casey Joel may just have him beat, not to mention Dom’s two other siblings, Emily and Paul. They’re all four tied for the most beautiful children who ever lived. And don’t try to argue with me. I have witnesses.

New pics of Dom and Casey

(September, 2010)