This was 2002. Emily was still in high school – she was a junior and was attending the performing arts school in Reno. I had adapted The Taming of the Shrew for a really hip, Women’s Lib version that included Emily as “Trania”. It’s really the best role in the show, and when played by a woman becomes a much larger and more substantial part than Kate! Emily was divine. Here we are stretching during the warmup – it’s freezing in there and I’m in sweats, a turtleneck AND a big heavy sweater. Look at Emily’s beautiful, long neck.


Here is my baby daughter in all her fabulousness. She’s at a sombrero party. She has always had her own style. She stopped letting me pick out her clothes when she was 3.

This was spring of 2001. We were doing The Music Man up at Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City. Emily opted to play a boy. Doesn’t she look wonderful? Actually, she really reminds me of my little brother Jeff in this picture. What do you think?