MEDICINE – a new work in progress

Usually, with such projects, it is customary to acknowledge once the script is done, those who lend their talents, insights and wisdom. I feel compelled to lead with gratitude. As the work develops, this list will surely grow:


For the artistic and technical assistance, William S. Yellow Robe, Jr., great playwright and generous resource.

For research assistance,  Lianna Elizabeta Costantino and, via her website, Otis Amanda Dick – Mandy the Storyteller (whose celebrated, one-woman Elizabeth English Pennington living history performance is one of her myriad historical characters).

For telling me about Elizabeth “Grandma Betsy” English Pennington and suggesting she might be someone I’d want to write about, Sandra Sieg (who is a descendent of Grandma Betsy, as is Otis Amanda Dick).

For his artistic GENIUS reflections, the one and only Marcus Paul Wolland.